Questions at the Heart
of the Buddhist-Christian Dialogue:

A Dialogue Between David Loy and James Arraj

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Questions at the Heart of the Buddhist-Christian Dialogue



James Arraj

David Loy


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The Buddhist-Christian dialogue may be the most wide-spread and intensive interreligious dialouge in the world today. But is it leading to any clear understanding of how these two great religious traditions relate at the deepest levels? Are they essentially the same? That seems presumptuous given their cultural, theological and mystical differences. Are they, then, quite different? That doesn't seemquite right, either. Those who practice both, or go from one to another, sense a deep relationship which has been difficult to articulate.

In pursuit of this difficult goal David Loy, who teaches on the faculty of international studies at Bunkyo University, Chigasaki, Japan, and James Arraj, who is the director of Inner Explorations, both give short presentations, and then engage in dialogue with each other, a dialogue which is later opened to the audience.




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