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After more than eight months of torment he escaped and went south to Andalusia. Charged with the spiritual direction of St. Teresa's sisters, he began to teach and write maxims as aids to their devotion, and eventually undertake his prose works which were intended to be commentaries on his major poems.

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El Calvario monastery in Andalusia

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Guadalquivir River

John was the prior of the Carmelite house of studies at Baeza, and had a ministry of spiritual direction in the town.

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Holy Week Processions (next 2 photos)

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He was also the prior of Granada where the monastery was near the Alhambra, and in Segovia.

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Roman Aquaduct in Segovia

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A View from St. John's cave

After many years, dividing his time in administering the growing reform and dedicating himself to the task of spiritual direction, he again fell afoul of some of his fellow friars. He was harassed and removed from all office, fell ill and died in 1591 at 49 years of age. The manuscripts of his writings circulated widely both inside and outside his order until they were printed in 1618.

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St. John on his deathbed

The images on these pages were taken from the video In Spain with St. John of the Cross.


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