New Creation Monastery

NEW CREATION MONASTERY is a Roman Catholic House of Prayer open to men and women of every religious tradition (or none).

New Creation Monastery was founded in 1994 by Father John Hoover, who had served for 18 years as a parish priest of the Diocese of Charlotte, which is where he grew up & where his family still lives.

Father John is still a priest of the Diocese of Charlotte, who has been released from a parish assignment to live the monastic life. He has become an oblate monk in the Camaldolese Benedictine tradition and taken the monastic name of John Vianney (the Cure,of Ars and patron of parish priests)..

Father John Vianney and one novice monk live at New Creation Monastery on a wooded ridge near the Yadkin River in a humble house of three Amish barns connected in an L-shape and offering three guest rooms. Surrounding this house are the 100 year old log cabin chapel of Elijah's Cave and four camper-hermitages.

Five other oblate monks--married men and women--live away from NCM and come to share in the life as often as they can get away from work and family. NCM is traditional in monastic practice but inclusive in membership, welcoming men and women, single and married, Catholic and Protestant. Each member must be selfsupporting. Would it help you to become an oblate monk?

The daily schedule begins with prayer in one's cell at 6 AM and gatherimg for the Office of Vigils at 6:30.
7:15 Coffee and Lectio Divina (spiritual reading & meditation)
8:15 Sung Lauds and Eucharist
Main meal and mid-day prayer at noon
5:15 PM meditation and Vespers
7:30 Compline

Plan to make a retreat at New Creation Monastery--short term or long term; the longer you stay, the less you pay. Consider whether God is calling you to become a permanent member of this fledgling monastic colony of hermits.

The spiritual life is a life-time process of conversion from darkness to light, sin to grace, selfishness to love & service. We learn to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, dying with Him and rising with Him to New Life. The vision that animates NCM is the one St Paul writes about in Gal 6: All that matters is that we become a NEW CREATION in Christ; peace and mercy on all who follow this rule of life!

NCM is 90 minutes north of Charlotte & 30 min west of Winston-Salem. From 1-77 take Exit 82 Elkin/Boonville. Go right on Hwy 67 East 9 miles, left on Rockford Rd 2 miles to 'IT", right on Richmond Hill Rd 11 mile to Tommi Drive & left to top of ridge toward the red cross.

1433 Richmond Hill Road
Boonville NC 27011
Tel. 336-699-4005

PS This information may be out of date.