Videos now on youtube


NEW in January 2021: Five years ago ALL 68 videos
 that we have produced were put on youtube,
 and you can see them for free.  
 Over 850,000 people have now viewed them!


Each video has its own link on youtube.
See the list below, divided by subject.



Simple Living: 

Building with the Earth: Oregonís Cob Cottage Company  

Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth 

Simple Living 

Simplifying Your Life   

Good and Wild: Paul Jacksonís Search for Sustainability   

Paying Too Much to Heat Your Home?  

Our Forest is Dying   

Searching for Sustainability   


Baja California, Mexico:

Discovering the Painted Caves of Baja California with Harry W. Crosby 

The Hidden Magic of Baja California    

An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation in the Californias  


Jungian Psychology:

A Jungian Analyst Talks about Psychological Types

Jungian Type Recognition and Relationships    

Inner Marriage, Inner Transformation    

William Sheldon: A Forgotten Giant of American Psychology  

Jungís Psychological Types    

Inner Transformation Through Jungís Psychological Types (CD) 

How to Use Jungís Psychological Types (CD) 


Jungian-Christian Dialogue:

Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue with John Sanford  

Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue with Murray Stein  

Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue with John Costello   

Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue with Adrian Cunningham  

Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue with Thomas and Mary Ellen Lavin  

Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Direction: A Visit with Don Bisson 

Christian Mysticism and Jungian Psychology    

Can There be a Jungian Spirituality? 

Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage  


Christin Metaphysics:

The Man Who Loved Wisdom: The Story of Jacques Maritain  

Jacques Maritainís Farewell to America with Elizabeth Fourest    

A Taste of Existence With W. Fr. Norris Clarke, S.J. 

A Creative Retrieval of Thomism with W. Norris Clarke, SJ  

Thomism Today: Europe    

God and the New Physics (CD) 


Buddhist-Christian Dialogue:

Profiles in Buddhist-Christian dialogue with Roger Corless 

Profiles in Buddhist-Christian dialogue with Ruben Habito 

Profiles in Buddhist-Christian dialogue with Thomas Hand SJ

Profiles in Buddhist-Christian dialogue with Robert Jonas  

Profiles in Buddhist-Christian Dialogue with Donald Mitchell   

Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Action: Boston 1992  

Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Action: Chicago 1996  

Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Action: Tacoma, WA 2000  

David Loy, Zen Philosopher and Social Critic    

The East-West Dialogue in Europe  

Blossoms of Silence: A Visit with Jim Grob  

Zen Journey with Susan Postal  

A Visit with Tendzin Choegyal  

Christian Contemplation and Zen Enlightenment   

Questions at the Heart of the Buddhist-Christian Dialogue   


Hindu-Christian Dialogue:

Exploring the Christian-Hindu Dialogue with Fr. Bede Griffiths  

The Heart of the Christian-Hindu Dialogue with Wayne Teasdale  

Christian Prayer and Kundalini: A Visit with Philip St. Romain   

Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality: Philip St. Romain 


Christian Theology and Morality:

The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus   

Silent Transformation: Spanish-Speaking Catholics in the United States  

Straight Talk: Teenagers and Sex  

A Womanís View of Vatican II and the Modern Church with Sr. Mary Luke Tobin, SL 


Christian Spirituality and Mysticism:

Renewing the Christian Mystical Tradition with Ernest Larkin 

John Main and the Practice of Christian Meditation  

In Spain with St. John of the Cross  

A Centering Prayer Retreat with Fr. M. Basil Pennington, OCSD

Christian Spirituality Today and Tomorrow  

A Contemplative Journey with Joseph Patchett  

A Visit with a Contemplative  

Are There Really Contemplatives Today?