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Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth - DVD $25  

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Building with the Earth  - DVD $20  

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Simple Living  - DVD $10 (The complete video online)
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Chapter 1: Travel to our forest home

Chapter 2: San Diego

Chapter 3: Dreams
Chapter 4: Our house in the forest

Chapter 5: The kids make
their own rooms

Chapter 6: Garden
Chapter 7: Liz's House

Chapter 8: Building Tyra's hut, part 1

Chapter 9: Building Tyra's hut, part 2
Chapter 10: Building Tyra's hut, part 3

Chapter 11: Our neighbors

Chapter 12: Trapped!
Chapter 13: The forest in winter

Chapter 14: Doing our work


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Feathered friends

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Yes, we do have neighbors!






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