Esteban Trento's Incredible Collection of Thomist Resources

Esteban Trento has assembled a remarkable collection of Thomist resources with links to all parts of the Thomist world. Here he describes his work:

"My website is a project which I started in August, 1999. At first my only target was to build a modest site in Spanish similar to those in English. Because I had not too much content in Spanish, I decided to make a page with some links in different languages. But that page started to grow in such a way that it is maybe my greatest achievement, although I have to aknowledge that it is somewhat chaotic. Nowadays many visitors are non - Spanish literate attracted by this page. I have many projects on my mind, but not too much time. One of these is to present works and the bio of Argentine thomists. One of them is on the way: Monsignor Octavio N. Derisi. Others to come are Fr. Julio Meinvielle (personal friend of R. Garrigou - Lagrange), Dr. Tomas D. Casares (famous judge and lawyer), Mons. Gustavo Eloy Ponferrada (rector of the Catholic University of La Plata and follower of Maritain), Dr. Carlos Saccheri (disciple of Charles de Koninck and murdered by terrorist in the 1970s), and many others."

Best regards, Esteban Trento, E-Mail: