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Help Save the Children’s Forest

Does it make sense for the Oregon Department of Forestry to cut down some of our last and best big trees and claim they have to do it so our children can go to school?

This is what they plan to do in a place we call the Children’s Forest and they call the Siderod timber sale which covers 552 acres in the Sun Pass State Forest in Klamath County, Oregon, near Crater Lake National Park.

And when they discovered the nest of the Northern Goshawk - which is very much in the news these days because of court cases over its status as a threatened species - they made only the most minimal provisions for it.

Welcome to the world of State Forestry where there is no provision to keep our giant trees, outside of their few forest connectivity areas, and where there is no data available on the amount of old growth trees that the Oregon Department of Forestry and others have cut in the past all around the Children’s Forest and elsewhere. And where they talk of maximizing revenue and the need to keep on cutting the big trees so our children can go to school.

Do we really need to cut down the giant trees so our children can go to school? Here are some financial facts to ponder:

1. The Oregon Department of Forestry estimates that it can sell the right to cut trees in the Children’s forest for $1,680,000. It will keep about $500,000 of that amount for itself. In fact, about 31 percent of the Oregon Department of Forestry budget comes from cutting trees.

2. The Common School Fund gets the balance of the money, but the fund now has more than $800,000,000 in it and forecast it will soon have $1,000,000,000.

It estimates that for its current two year budget it will earn $87,000,000 from its investments and give the counties $71,000,000.

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