What You Can Do

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Please take a few minutes and help save The Children's Forest. Act soon. The Oregon Department of Forestry plans to sell the right to cut down the forest in the spring of 2001.

What do we want the Oregon Department of Forestry to do?

1. We want them not to cut the giant trees in The Children's Forest.

2. We want them to take a closer look at what they can do to protect the northern goshawks.

3. We want them to look at what has been happening in the past and come up with a plan to save the last of their old growth forests and the creatures dependent on them.


The Governor of Oregon is the guardian of The Children's Forest.

Write and ask him to save the giant trees and the Northern Goshawk.

Send him a picture of the way you want your forest to look.

Governor John Kitzhaber
900 Court St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-4047
Tel. 503-378-3111
TTY: 503-378-4859
Fax: 503-378-4863

Go to
www.governor.state.or.us/governor/mail/mailform.html and e-mail him.

Tell your friends and family about the Children's Forest and ask them to help.

Print The Children's Forest flyer and post it.

Ask your teacher to make the Children's Forest a class project. Learn more about its plants and animals and have the whole class write the Governor.

If you have questions, e-mail Elizabeth at The Children's Forest. And let us know what you are doing to help us save The Children's Forest.

Also contact:
James E. Brown, State Forester

Oregon Dept. of Forestry

Tel. 503-945-7200 • FAX 503-945-7212 • TTY 800-437-4490


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