A Cob Cottage Update:
A Multi-Media Visit with Ianto Evans
and Linda Smiley on New Developments
in the World of Cob Building

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Ianto Evans


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See a video while Ianto talks about cob garden walls
Building a garden wall or patio out of cob is a great way to get started in cob building

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Linda Smiley




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Ianto on Rumford fireplaces
Build the most efficient kind of fireplace yourself inexpensively out of cob

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Ianto on curvilinear buildings
A curved building can feel as twice as large as a rectangular one of the same size

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Linda on cob art
Make magical sculptures and
structures out of cob



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Linda on how cob
can change your life

Build an affordable sanctuary out of cob which expresses who you really want to be

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Linda on Helping Hands
A network of cob builders helping
each other to build


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Ianto on building permits
Permitted cob buildings and a building inspector who is enthusiastic about building with cob



Linda on cob and therapy
People with health problems have discovered the healing qualities of cob building

Linda on one-coat plasters
Natural one-coat plasters for cob and
straw bale buildings

Cob Cottage in Mexico
Cob workshops in the highlands of Mexico






Building with the Earth video
Building with the Earth Photo Gallery
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