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Simple and Sustainable Living

Basic Questions and Answers

Exploring Simple Living: An Orientation to This Section

Simple Living

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The following two books, plus A Guide to Valuable Resources, are included in one volume:

The Treasures of Simple Living: A Family's Search for a Simpler and More Meaningful Life in the Middle of a Forest  - Complete Book Online

NEW!!  Radical Simplicity and the Fourth Step - Complete Book Online

NEW!!  A Guide to Valuable Resources, Important Information, and Exotic Tidbits

Readers' Reactions to Radical Simplicity

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Simple Living  - a DVD companion to
The Treasures of Simple Living book
(See the whole video with Quicktime, and there is also a transcript online)

Simple Living Photo Gallery

Simplifying Your Life: A Workshop
with James and Tyra Arraj:
DVD (transcript online)

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Building Our Strawbale Greenhouse/Guesthouse Photo Gallery

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Our Wood-Fired Cob Bread-Baking Oven:
An Experiment in Progress - Photo Gallery

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Our New Sun Room Addition

 Click on either picture above to
see our feathered friends using Quicktime

Click on the picture above to
see one of our forest neighbors using Quicktime

Natural Building

NEW DVD!!  Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth
sl3.jpg (5987 bytes) Building with the Earth: Oregon's Cob Cottage Company: DVD

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Building with the Earth Photo Gallery

Natural Builders' Gathering Photo Gallery

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Natural Building Colloquium, 1999 - Part 1
Natural Building Colloquium, 1999 - Part 2
Natural Building Colloquium, 1999 - Part 3

Builders Without Borders

A Cob Cottage Update

A Philosophy of Natural Building:

Mike Oehler and his Underground Houses

Print Your Own Book

Doctor Yourself:
An Interview with Andrew W. Saul

Giving Technology a Human Face:
An Interview with Ed Scott

How Microsoft Got to the Point
Where it Couldn't Send an Email

Dreaming of a Simpler and More Meaningful Life - Essay

Creative Liberation: An Introduction to our new Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth DVD - Essay

School: What is Wrong and How we can Fix it - Essay

The Real Bottom Line - Essay

Our (Slightly Demented) Quest for a Tiny (Warm, Light-filled, Inexpensive) House Where we Could Get Away From It All and Live Happily Ever After - Essay

From the Cubicle to ???

Community Dreams: Discussion

Is American-style Capitalism the best we can do?

Enough: Charles on Money and Meaning

Towards a Charter for a New Global Philosophy by James Cowan

Doing what you really want to do:

The Unconventional Homeless: Essay

Christians and Ecology

Christians and Ecology

A Web Interview with Al Fritsch, SJ on Christians and Ecology


Links and Resources