We Build a Strawbale Greenhouse/Guesthouse for $200

Part 1

Our old greenhouse had seen better days, and we decided to build
a smaller one with local and salvaged materials


casa514.bmp (921654 bytes)
Trees dying from bug kill provide the poles
casa503.bmp (921654 bytes)
We peel the ends,
casa501.bmp (921654 bytes)
treat them
casa505.bmp (921654 bytes)
and set them in the ground
casa508.bmp (921654 bytes)
casa511.bmp (921654 bytes)
casa602.bmp (921654 bytes)
Smaller logs provide the roof rafters.
casa802.bmp (921654 bytes)
casa815.bmp (921654 bytes)
We use salvaged planks to make roof panels.
01a.bmp (921654 bytes)
The roof panels are filled with salvaged pieces of foam insulation
casa822.jpg (10117 bytes)
  and covered with salvaged plywood panels.
02a.bmp (921654 bytes)



Part 2