Simple Living
Where we are coming from, and
Basic Questions and Answers

Where we are coming from

Most of the serious problems that we face in living in an ecologically sane way on this planet stem in final analysis not from a sheer lack of physical resources, but from ourselves. We have the basic materials, labor, technology, intelligence, and imagination to solve the problems that face us, but we fail to exercise our moral values and wisdom, which would allow these resources to be applied to them so that everyone on the earth could have enough in order to lead a fully human life.

What is simple living?

It is the search for a simpler and more ecologically sane lifestyle that will give us both the inner and the outer freedom to pursue the things that are important to us. It is about taking more responsibility about the basic physical f acts of how we live: what we eat, the buildings we live in, our relationship with nature, the health of our bodies, the human cost of the economic system we live in, and so forth.

It is about baking bread, making yogurt, growing a garden, building a bookcase, or even a house, and a thousand other things, not in all their technical details, but as a philosophy of trying to live a richer and more fully human life.