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Our Latest Book:
From St. John of the Cross to Us: The Story of a 400 Year Long Misunderstanding and What it Means for the Future of Christian Mysticism

St. John of the Cross and Dr. C.G. Jung: Christian Mysticism in the Light of Jungian Psychology

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In Spain with St. John of the Cross

Christian Contemplation and Zen Enlightenment: A Workshop with James Arraj

A Contemplative Journey: A Visit with Joseph Patchett

Blossoms of Silence: A Visit with Jim Grob

A Visit with a Contemplative

A Centering Prayer Retreat with Fr. M. Basil Pennington, O.S.M.O.

John Main and the Practice of Christian Meditation

Renewing the Christian Mystical Tradition: A Visit with Ernest Larkin

Christian Spirituality Today and Tomorrow

Are There Really Contemplatives Today?

Most of the above videos also come as audiotapes.