Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage:
A Retreat on Christian Marriage in the
Light of Jungian Psychology - DVD (transcript online in two parts - see below)

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Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage

3 hours 18 minutes  
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This is an edited version of an actual retreat given at Still Point, a center of spirituality in Seattle, Washington, April 1994. It covers:

* the natural and normal human differences that can vitally effect our relationship with our spouse if we fail to understand them

*Jung's powerful ideas on projections and falling in and out of love

* Christian marriage as the way most of us are called to travel on the road towards union with God. Travel back in time by reflecting on the Scriptures to see what marriage must have been like in the beginning, and catch a glimpse of what Christian marriage is called to be today

This retreat will let you discover two secrets that can transform your marriage.



For transcribed sections of this Two Secrets retreat online see:

A Secret That Can Transform Your Marriage (for the psychological secret) and

Towards a Spirituality and Theology of Marriage (for the spiritual secret).

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