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The Jungian-Christian Dialogue

Where Jungian Psychology encounters Christian philosophy, theology and spirituality

Basic Questions and Answers

Exploring the Jungian-Christian Dialogue: An Orientation to This Section

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C.G.Jung and Victor White

Jung and Philosophy

What did Jung really say about Christianity? Discussion

What Jung Said About Christianity: Reading

A Philosophical Critique about what Jung said about Christianity: Reading

Victor White and Jung: Reading

Synchronicity: Reading

C.G. Jung's Synchronicity: Reading

Synchronicity and Formal Causality: Reading

Maritain's Dream: A Philosophy of Nature and Jungian Psychology: Reading


Jung and Theology

Jung and Theology: Reading

Archetypes and the Development of Dogma: Reading

Jesus and the Unconscious: Reading

The Human Consciousness of Jesus: Reading


Jung and Spirituality

Diabolical Possession and Catholic Cults? The Lack of Psychological Awareness and the Materialization of Belief in the Catholic Church: Essay

Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage: Essay

Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage: A retreat for Married couples: DVD (transcript online)

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Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Direction: A Visit with Don Bisson
(transcript online)
jc3.jpg (3132 bytes) Can There be a Jungian Spirituality? DVD

Christian Mysticism and Jungian Psychology:
(transcript online)

The Charismatic Movement: Reading

Psychological Types and Spiritual Direction: Reading

A Psychological Dark Night: Reading

Spiritual Direction, Community and Type: Reading

A Typological Portrait of St. John of the Cross: Reading

Reflections on the Jung-White Letters - Essay

From Trinity to Quinternity: A Potential Case Study of Jungian-Christian Dialogue - Essay

Jungian Psychology: Content and Context - Essay

Does Jungian-Christian Dialogue Have a Future?
An Interview with Clodagh Weldon about her new book,
Fr. Victor White O.P.: The Story of Jung's 'White Raven.'

NEW! The Church, the Council and the Unconscious: How Hidden Forces Shaped the Catholic Church - Book

The Readings below are from the following two online books:

Jungian and Catholic? The Promises and Problems of the Jungian-Christian Dialogue Complete Book Online

St. John of the Cross and Dr. C.G. Jung: Christian Mysticism in the Light of Jungian Psychology Complete Book Online

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Jungian-Christian Dialogue Today

Priests, Women and the Anima: Essay

The Jungian-Christian Dialogue: Reading

What is the Current State of the Jungian-Christian Dialogue? Discussion

Lost Treasures: Victor White's Letters

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Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue: John Costello:
(transcript online)
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Profiles in Jungian-Christian  Dialogue: Adrian Cunningham:

(transcript online)
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Profiles in Jungian-Christian  Dialogue: Thomas and Mary Ellen Lavin
(transcript online)
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Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue: John Sanford
(transcript online)
jc9.jpg (2599 bytes) Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue: Murray Stein

(transcript online)

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