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The Psychology of C.G. Jung
and the
Body and Temperament Types of W. H. Sheldon


Discover Jungian Psychology through Psychological Types, and see how they relate to Body Types

Basic Questions and Answers

Exploring Body and Psychological Types: An Orientation to This Section



The Readings below are from the following two online books:

Tracking the Elusive Human, Vol. 1: The Basics of Jung's psychological types and William Sheldon's body and temperament types - Complete Book Online

Tracking the Elusive Human, Vol. 2: An advanced guide to Jung's psychological types and Sheldon's body and temperament types - Complete Book Online

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Psychological Types

Mandala Typology: Cam Trowsdale on his Amazing Annotated Bibliography on Jung's Psychological Types

What is Your Psychological Type?

How Your Psychological Type Relates to
the Rest of Jung's Psychology
: Discussion

C.G. Jung's Psychological Types: Reading

Type Development: Reading

Marriage and the Fourth Function: Reading

Talking about Types: Reading

The Origins of Psychological Types: Reading

The Use of Psychological Types: Reading

New Directions in Psychological Types Theory: Reading

Jung's Forgotten Bridge: Reading

The Anima, or Men and Their Feelings Essay

Jungian Type Recognition and Relationships: DVD (transcript online)

Inner Marriage, Inner Transformation: DVD (transcript online)

Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage:
A retreat for Married couples:

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A Jungian Analyst Talks About Psychological
A Visit with John Beebe:
(transcript online)
psy3.jpg (4073 bytes) Jung's Psychological Types: DVD
(transcript online)

Inner Transformation Through Jung's Psychological Types:
CD (transcript online)

How to Use Jung's Psychological Types: CD

Type Diagnosis and Psychological Type Tests: Discussion

Questions About the Enneagram: Discussion

Approaching Body Types from Psychological Types: Discussion



For Psychological Types and Religion go to Jungian-Christian Dialogue

Two Secrets That Can Transform
Your Marriage
: Essay

Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage:
A Retreat for Married Couples: DVD
(transcript online)



A Guide to Important Books about

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Body Types

The Many Faces of William Sheldon:
Sheldon: the Dark Side

Sheldon as Pseudo-Scientist,
or the New York Times as Tabloid?

A Closer Look at William H. Sheldon
by John Sample

Lost Treasures:
Unpublished Sheldon Letters Found


William Sheldon's Body and Temperament Types: Reading

The Origins of Sheldon's Psychology: Reading

Sheldon and His Critics: Reading

The World of Somatotypes: Reading

William H. Sheldon: Life and Works: Reading

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Ways to Determine Body Types: Essay

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The Dupertuis Structural Profile: Essay

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William Sheldon: A Forgotten
Giant of American Psychology :
 (transcript online)

William Sheldon Photo Gallery

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Psychological Types and Body Types Together

Two Tracks in One: Reading

An Integrated Typology: Reading

In Search of a Biochemical Typology: Reading

Type and Psychopathology: Reading

Type and Heart Disease, I.Q., and Gender: Reading

Type and Gender: Discussion

Type and Neuroscience: Reading

Type and Genetics: Reading

The Future of Psychological Types: Discussion

The Genetics of Psychological Types: Discussion

Body and Psychological
Types Together
: Discussion

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