Our Wood-Fired Cob Bread-Baking Oven:
An Experiment in Progress, Part 1


01.bmp (921654 bytes)
Making the oven base
soapstone.bmp (921654 bytes)
Our friend, Steve, cuts a soapstone boulder he found.
02.bmp (921654 bytes)
Soapstone slabs for the oven floor (1)
04.bmp (921654 bytes)
The interior mold
05.bmp (921654 bytes)
Starting the layers of cob (2)
06.bmp (921654 bytes)
Three layers later
07.bmp (921654 bytes)
Cutting the door
09.bmp (921654 bytes)
Opening the door
15.bmp (921654 bytes)
Firing the oven as a rocket stove with a stove pipe and an air tube (3)
11.bmp (921654 bytes)
Lighting the fire with the fuel fed through the air tube
12.bmp (921654 bytes)
The first fire in the new oven
13.bmp (921654 bytes)
First the flames come out the air tube
14.bmp (921654 bytes)
Then, as the oven warms, the direction of the flames reverse
24.bmp (921654 bytes)
Taking out the coals in order to bake
16.bmp (921654 bytes)
Let's see if this will work
18.bmp (921654 bytes)
The first experiments
19.bmp (921654 bytes)
21.bmp (921654 bytes)
Trying to make French bread
22.bmp (921654 bytes)
A more successful batch
23.bmp (921654 bytes)
The experiments continue
25.bmp (921654 bytes)
26.bmp (921654 bytes)
This is more like it, but a lot more experiments are needed.
28.bmp (921654 bytes)

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After these initial experiments, we realized we had an oven that had the potential for baking some really great bread, but bread is more than just the oven. We read Daniel Leader and Judith Blahnik's Bread Alone which gives detailed instructions on making bread.

(1) The first time we fired the oven with the soapstone floor, one of the slabs cracked and spalled. Perhaps there was a fault in it. We have since experimented with lining the floor partially with fire brick. We have been reading that fire brick works well for bread, while soapstone is good for pizza, so we will have to try that out.

(2) In making this oven, we followed Kiko Denzer's book called "Build Your Own Earth Oven." His website is http://www.handprintpress.com where he has other books, as well.

(3) We learned about rocket stoves from our friend, Ianto Evans of the Cob Cottage Company, and decided to play around and see if we could make a rocket oven. One of the holes in the oven takes a removable stove pipe, and the other the air tube, which extends to about an inch above the floor of the oven. The intense heat focused on the floor of the oven may have contributed to cracking and spalling the soapstone slab. The normal way of firing the oven, however, by stacking all the wood inside, and having a stove pipe whose hole we close off when baking, and no air tube, seems to work just as well, or better, because there is more fuel burning in the oven at one time, but we need to experiment some more.

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