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The Hidden Magic of Baja California

There are two very different Baja Californias.
One is the ever more popular tourist destination.
It is Cabo San Lucas with its hotels and cruise ships.
But there is another Baja California of caves of the ancient Indians,
missions, little ranchos in the mountains,
and people today trying to create genuine alternatives.
Come visit this other Baja California with us.

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An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation

The area between La Paz and Ciudad Constitución is one of the least known parts of Baja California Sur, but this ancient land of the Guaycuras is rich in history.

An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation in the Californias: Book Online

Exploring the Other Baja California, a DVD Collection of three movies for $25 which includes:

The Hidden Magic of Baja (video introduction, and transcript online)

An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation in the Californias, which is the DVD companion to the book An Expedition to the Guaycura Nation in the Californias (video introduction)

Discovering the Painted Caves of Baja California: with Harry Crosby (video introduction)

Click on the picture above to
see whales in Bahia de Santa Maria Magdalena using Quicktime

Another Baja California

The Hidden Magic of Baja Photo Gallery

An Archeological Survey of Pichilingue

Carnival: La Paz at Play

The Art of Clemente Arce

Rancho Life

Rancho Life 1: Sugar Cane Mill, Knife-Making, and Bread Baking

Rancho Life 2: Steer Butchering Day
at Rancho San Isidro

Rancho Life 3: Oyster Camp on the Pacific and the Wonderful Fruit of the Pitahaya Cactus

Rancho Life 4: The Rancho as an Oasis

Rancho Life 5: Natural Building

Rancho Life 6: Traditional Rancho Building


An Interview with Harumi Fujita on the
Archaeology of Baja California Sur

Don Laylander on the ancient languages
of the Guaycura Nation

Raoul Zamponi on the Guaycura language


Lost Treasures

Hair Capes of the Shamans

Baja California Artifacts

The Looting of the Llanos de Hiray

La Tabla de la Pasión

The Last Trapiche

Photo Galleries

Along the Central Mission Road

San Luis Gonzaga and La Pasión

Scenes from the Guaycura Nation

On the Road

On the Road II

Sustainable Living in Baja California

Kuyimá Ecoturism

The Deborah Wayne Foundation of San Ignacio



Links and Resources

An Ancient Indian Mathematical Artifact?



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